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last updated 26/9

Polbathic B v Pelynt A match is shown in report but have not been added to tables/wins/averages

Please note my contact details in book is wrong 

Added to site is a message page for any ideas or comments to pass to each other within the league

To view Handicap cup draws, go to fixtures where matches that are HCP CUP clink link on see draw beside it Handicap Draw

If you need an Competition entry form please download form from the Competition page of website

Cancelled matches

Division 2: Polbathic A v St Ive (14/9) to be arranged by 12/10 played by 9/11

Committee Meetings for 2016/17, 1930 hrs at Dobwalls

Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd, Jan 6th, Feb 3rd, Mar 3rd, Apr 7th, May 5th, A.G.M May 24th