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 Site being set up ready for season 2015/16

Don't forget I am taking entries for the summer league on AGM night 


The Annual General meeting will be held on Wednesday 27 May at Pensilva Village Hall (next door to the Snooker club) starting at 7.30 p.m.

Rule 4 states that if you wish to enter a team (or teams) your club must be represented at the meeting. Alternatively you can inform the secretary in writing before the meeting (by letter, email or text), however if you choose this option your club will be fined 15.00 for its non-attendance at the meeting.

Affiliation fees of 10.00 per team entered can be paid at the meeting or sent in advance to the Treasurer M P Higham, Higher Tretharrup, Lanreath, Looe PL13 2NZ.

Nigel Doble has offered to become Fixtures Secretary and organise the league programme for next season as well as continuing to run the website. We hope that Dave Elliott will continue as President but other positions are open and offers to step in are welcome.

The following rule changes are being proposed:

Rule 4 change œfine of 15.00 per team to œfine of 15.00 per club.Committee

Rule 16 Add at end œIn all semi-finals and finals of cup competitions teams may only select from players who have played at least three league matches. Committee

Rule 17a Entries must be made on the official form provided to each club and submitted with the correct entry fee to the Competition Secretary (as named on form) by the appointed date. Players may only enter their respective divisional competitions from within the club and team for which they are registered players. Committee

Rule 17c Home players must play their matches at the club/team from which they are entered, up to and including the semi-finals, the matches being the best of three frames. All semi-finals and finals will be the best of five frames. The final will be played on a neutral table and have a referee appointed by the Committee. Committee

Pelynt B are proposing a change to the Handicap Cup arrangements so that the competition takes place at the end of each season, played in the final three-four weeks, using the finishing league positions as the basis for the handicap points awarded. (This will involve a complete rewording of the first part of Rule 16.)

Rule 19a Attendance at Annual dinner review this rule Committee

Update on summer league

Enter at end of the AGM on 27th May cost £20 per team

This is how it works

only 2 players per team, playing five frames on the night, you play 1 frame against each opponents (2 + 2) and then on fifth frame play a  pairs match, this means you will play everyone in the league home and away

here's an example 

Calstock v Dobwalls: A bt C, B bt D, A bt D, B bt C, Pairs: A+B bt C+D

St Cleer v St Dominic: E bt G, F bt H, E lt H, F lt G, Pairs: E+F bt G+H

St Neot v Torpoint: I bt K, J bt L, I bt L, J bt K, Pairs I+J lt K+L

Cash prizes for winning the Players league and Pairs league + runners up for both, if more entries then we can spread the prize money to 3rd place or include an combined Team league


Team P W L PTS
Players Team F A
Pairs F A

Calstock 1 1 0 5
A Calstock 2 0
Calstock 1 0

St Neot 1 1 0 4
B Calstock 2 0
St Cleer 1 0

St Cleer 1 1 0 3
I St Neot 2 0
Torpoint 1 0

St Dominic 1 0 1 2
J St Neot 2 0
Dobwalls 0 1

Torpoint 1 0 1 1
E St Cleer 1 1
St Dominic 0 1

Dobwalls 1 0 1 0
F St Cleer 1 1
St Neot 0 1

G St Dominic 1 1

H St Dominic 1 1

C Dobwalls 0 2

D Dobwalls 0 2

K Torpoint 0 2

L Torpoint 0 2