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last updated 8/2 snooker report

If you like to print off a dinner booking sheet please download here resources/annualdinnerform.doc

Please note rule 16 which will kick in on semi final of cups on 10/2

In all semi-finals and finals of cup competitions teams may only select from players who have played at least three league matches.

And for all trophy winners Rule 19a

All trophy winners are expected to collect them at the Annual Dinner. Any team trophies must be collected by at least 3 team members (except billiards). Failure to do so could result in the trophies being forfeited and the team fined for their non-attendance.

Below is the menu for the dinner on 22nd April please read and decide for starter and dessert

 Tony Brend our St Germans Billiards Secretary is out of action at the moment we wish him a speedy recovery

Just an reminder for all committee members that the 4th March meeting is on the 26th Feb  (brought 1 week early)

It's been suggested that in the Handicap Cup instead of a team handicap players have an individual handicap, what you think guys?? email or text me but this will be brought to the AGM for all to have their say 


Callington (withdrawing from league) Rule 5 £30.00

Callington (1 player short 23/9)) Rule 10c £5.00

Looe C (Late result card) Rule 13d £5.00

Cornish Ivy (Late result card 18/11) Rule 13d £5.00

Trevelmond  (Late result card 18/11) Rule 13d £5.00

Downderry A (Late result card 212) Rul  13d £5.00

Polperro D (Using 2 players registered with other teams 17/11) Rule 11 10.00

Polperro D (1 Player short 16/12) Rule 10c £5.00

Pensilva (Not playing within 56 days) Rule 12a £5.00

Outstanding matches

Prem: St Cleer v Liskeard Cons 9/12 to be arranged by 6/1 played by 3/2

Div 1: Pensilva v Cornish Ivy 11/11 to be arranged by 9/12 played by 6/1/16

Div 1: Pelynt B v Pelynt C 6/1 to be arranged by 3/2 played by 2/3

Div 1: Essa v St Neot B 27/1 being played on 9/2

Next committee meetings is on 5 Feb, then on the 26th Feb, 1st April