Over 50's & 60's Competitions
All rounds up to Final best of 5 frames, Final is best of 7
Contacts Over 50’s

A Maddams 01726252040 Quarters

A Ridgman 07970297645 Contact by

Played by 31st Dec
C Perring 07773617990 Keith Armitage 1 v 3 Chris Perring
K Armitage 07961401915 Steve Courts 3 v 0 Anthony Maddams
M Lister 07974550040 Mark Lister 0 v 3 Tony Farrant
S Courts 07870404954 Andy Ridgman

T Farrant 07977074440 Semi: Best of 5

Contact by 1st Feb

Play by 1st March

Andy Ridgman 3 v 0 Chris Perring

Tony Farrant 3 v 2 Steve Courts

Final: Best of 7



At: Essa Club

Tony Farrant
Andy Ridgman

Contacts Over 60’s

A Swabey Last 16

A Thompson 01503240106 Contact by 17th Nov

Play by 31st Dec
B Stone 01503250989 Mike Young 3 v 0 Alan Swabey
C Perring 07773617990 John Daniell 3 v 2 Chris Perring
J Daniell 07753508807 Wes Hoskin 1 v 3 Mick Crutchley
M Crutchley 01503250291 Mike Warr 3 v 1 Mike Hughes
M Hughes Brian Stone

M Scott 07900793713 Richard Broad

M Warr 01503230836 Arthur Thompson

M Young 01503240808 Mike Scott

R Broad 07791048440 Quarters

W Hoskin Contact by 1st Feb

Play by 1st March

Arthur Thompson 2 v 3 John Daniell

Mike Young 0 v 3 Mike Warr

Brian Stone 1 v 3 Mike Scott

Mick Crutchley 0 v 3 Richard Broad

Semi: Best of 5

Contact by 18th March

Played by 1st April

Mike Scott
Richard Broad

Mike Warr 3 v 0 John Daniell

Final: Best of 7




Mike Warr